Mutual Aid: By the people, for the people

We the People NYC is an abolitionist collective of neighbors supporting neighbors - committed to fostering a safe, equitable, and loving culture, in Bed Stuy and Harlem that will serve as a catalyst for mutual aid efforts in surrounding communities.


Fed each week with hot foods and fresh groceries


Active organizers helping to foster community

This is our start to building a better world and showing up for each other when the world won’t. Sacrificing time, energy, money, and resources to help build systems that work for us, by us!

What is mutual aid?

Charity is the idea that those who have more money and resources can donate small amounts of resources to those who don't have access. However, it often does not meet the level of need. And doesn't answer why folks don't have access to resources in the first place.

Charity often decides who is deserving of support and who isn't. Decision making factors include being sober, not being involved with the police or prison system, being viewed as productive and responsible, or having a job. Decision making factors often depend on racist, sexist, ableist, and anti-indigenous stereotypes. Worsening access to resources for Black, Indigenous and undocumented communities -- especially for women, girls, femme and trans folks.

Unlike charity which relies on an outside person or organization (like a nonprofit) swooping in and saving the day, mutual aid is about sharing resources to ensure collective survival.

Sign up to volunteer

We are always looking for more neighbors to support our mission. From on-site food handling to connecting with folks in need of assistance, PR, awareness building, fundraising, finance, and tech - tell us about you and how you can help.


Donate supplies

As we work with families in the neighborhood, it has come to our attention that some community members are also in need of basic items at home: from baby diapers to beds, from plates to a refrigerator to keep their groceries in. If you have items available to donate, or if they will be available soon, please fill out this form and we will help you coordinate!


Support us!

For over a year, we have provided hot food and material support to anyone in need; we have become a reliable pillar of emotional and tangible support for our neighbors and friends, and a meaningful engine for revolutionary change. We are 100% grassroots and need support like yours to continue making an impact in our community.