Our Mission

We The People are an abolitionist mutual aid collective of neighbors supporting neighbors - committed to fostering a safe, equitable, and loving culture, in Bed Stuy and Harlem that will serve as a catalyst for mutual aid efforts in surrounding communities.

On the corners of Fulton & Nostrand and 125th & Lexington, we have created examples of what we believe the world can look like, a place where everyone is fed, taken care of, and held in a trusted and loving community. As a direct response to being continuously failed by broken systems, we center and prioritize all Black people in our mission to affect immediate and significant change. For over a year, we have provided hot food and material support to anyone in need, we have become a reliable pillar of emotional and tangible support for our neighbors and friends, and a meaningful engine for revolutionary change.

We are built from a foundation of effective organizing. We see ourselves growing into a network of mutual aid efforts that can contribute resources in the form of food, materials, and information.

Ultimately, we want to provide physical safe spaces that will foster a sense of belonging and joyfulness. Leading with love, mutualism, and reciprocity, we are committed to providing care and adapting as the needs of our community evolve. We know, through togetherness comes power, we keep each other safe, and we do it best when armed with the right knowledge and tools.

We the people! For the people! By the people!